My Android Themes

I’ve gotten a lot of emails (and Google searches, remarkably) wondering what my Android theme is (my Mac OS X theme, too, but that’s another post if and when I can round that stuff up). It’s quite simple; I run CyanogenMod on my Motorola Droid, and while I have used a few different themes over the past year, I am currently using a Smoked Glass mini-port with HTC icons (for CyanogenMod only). There are also good themes in ROM Manager, if you don’t like that one. My wallpaper is one of the wallpapers that comes with CyanogenMod 6. I’m also a fan of Beautiful Widgets and LauncherPro.


About Whitson Gordon

I'm a Tetris ninja.
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3 Responses to My Android Themes

  1. Matt B says:

    Actually, I was going to ask what your firefox theme was! I saw it on lifehacker and came here searching.

  2. theAdam51 says:

    hey Whitson can i get your phone wallpaper plz

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